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Cleveland for All-Star 22

The goal of the collaboration between 2K and the Cleveland Cavaliers was to promote just how great of a place Clevleand is, how involved the Cavaliers are in the city, and to further immerse 2K into basketball and its culture. The pitch from Jason to address these needs was 3 part:

1. 60 second hype piece

2. 5-10 minute mini-doc 

3. Destination tour series

Hype it up

When shooting with talent on location, there were two main parts, an interview and a "repeat-after-me" section where Jason would read off lines from a 60 second script then have the talent repeat after him. The script was written by Jason and given input by the Cavaliers and several friends of Jason who grew up in Cleveland. The goal of the copy was to represent a mix of large and prominent references as well as more intimate and locally known digs.

The talent were pre-assigned to specific lines and recorded a few extra for safety in editing.  Jason directed the talent by explaining the significance of their lines, how it fit into the overall piece, and give examples of the tone necessary. Given that final spot has 12 people, shot on different days, in different locations, in different settings, the direction had to be clear and concise to ensure the final piece came together smoothly. 

The result 60 second piece splices together A-list talent from musical artists, NBA stars, influencers, business owners, and even the mayor of Cleveland! Check it out here. 

A guide to Cleveland

Mayor Justin Bibb

The second landmark released featured Ronnie interviewing new mayor of Cleveland, Mayor Justin Bibb. Mayor Bibb gave Ronnie and the crew a tour of City Hall from his personal office, to the red room where contracts are reviewed, to the epic main hall.

Along the way Mayor Bibb revealed that he played NBA2K back in the Dreamcast days! In the red room Ronnie even urged Mayor Bibb to play in the All-Star celebrity game which ended up doing. This is Landmark is Jason's favorite.

Machine Gun Kelly

The first landmark released featured Machine Gun Kelly and Ronnie standing outside of MGK's own coffee shop located in Cleveland, The 27 Club. The spot features MGK sharing details about his time growing up in Cleveland, his experiences with the Cavaliers, and his excitement for All-Star 2022.

The only issue in filming this scene is that it didn't actually take place in front of The 27 Club, it was shot on green-screen on a sound stage in Los Angeles. In this spot alone, there are over 12,000 individual frames of green-screening! Click here to dive into the green-screening done for this project.

Myles Garrett

Number 95 of the Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett, graced the famed clothing store Xhibition along with Ronnie in Cleveland. Ronnie and Myles put an outfit together, talked about their style preferences and go-tos, discussed some of their favorite All-Star moments, and Myles even revealed that he plans to be a lifer with the Cleveland Browns.

It's obvious how much love Cleveland has for Myles and it's clear that Myles feels the same based off of this spot. 

Nwaka Onwusa

The team was lucky enough to spend some time with the Chief Curator at the Rock Hall of Fame, Nwaka Onwusa. Despite the cold, Nwaka showed Ronnie the main exhibit, the Rock Hall of Fame nominee classes, some exclusive items from The Vault and even forced him to play on the drums!

Music plays a pivotal role in sports and culture and Nwaka did an incredible job teaching Ronnie and the viewer about its critical role in our society. 

Austin Carr

Formerly number 34 on the Cleveland Cavaliers and was an All-Star himself in 1974, Austin Carr made an appearance in the showcase of the newly renovated Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse alongside Nic Barlage, the President of Business Operations.

Nic shared details about all of the exciting installations in the facility from custom installations by Shepard Fairey, David Arsham, and Kaws. Nic spoke on the current Cavaliers line up, their work ethic, and unique focus on learning and growth. Near the end of the spot, Nic hands over the mic to Austin Carr who chats with Ronnie about his time on and off the court. 

JBF Customs

When the team went to shoot the Landmark for Glen Infante they were surprised to run into Jake Ferrato, the founder of JBF Customs, a legendary sneaker customization company. On the fly the team set up a scene in Jake's shop and shot the interview.

Jake shared a behind the scenes look at the material selection, cutting and sewing process, the shoe customizing itself, and an original shoe silhouette that he's working on!

Glen Infante

A legendary designer who has worked with Nike, Gatorade, and of course the Cleveland Cavaliers, Glen Infante has also found time to create his brand Ilthy which is a staple of today's Cleveland culture. From hat's promoting Ohio, to shirts made in partnership with the Cavaliers, to his signature "donut paintings" Glen has created a unique wave for himself.

Ronnie and the crew shot an interview with Glen at his gallery featuring various celebrity portraits of course done in Glen's "donut style."


Getting everyone together

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Scheduling production around 20+ talent can be tricky, as a result Jason presented the idea of green-screening talent in to make scheduling work. 

Machine Gun Kelly was shot in LA after the initial Cleveland shoot while Jake Paul was shot remotely in Miami. 

To learn more about Jason's specialization in green-screening click here.


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